Mega-sized merchants

Large trailers from 3.5 to 5 metres.

Looking for something bigger? Check out our custom builds.

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Mega-sized merchants

Mega-sized merchant food trailers are ideal for entrepreneurs who need ample space to set up their dream business. These road kings have room for multiple team members to work in the same space, and the flexibility to customise the interior for your unique needs.

The large size and versatile equipment options mean you can whip up large quantities of food in a hurry, ideal for pop-up restaurants and mobile bars. And it’s not just food. We’ve seen these mega-sized merchants used as mobile shops, offices and even health clinics – there’s no limit! Come see us at Affordable Food Trailers and we’ll help you conquer your business dream.

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We’re ready to help you launch your business. We’ll help you select the perfect trailer, whether it’s one of our fully equipped food caravans, or a made-to-order custom job. We can even help you finance your food trailer business with Stadium Finance.