Midi mobile businesses

Mid-sized mobile trailers from 2.5 to 3 metres
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Midi mobile businesses

Midi mobile businesses are an excellent option for businesses that need a larger space to operate while still being easy to transport.

For food vendors they offer bigger kitchens and electrical capabilities to power multiple pieces of equipment, so you can have a bigger, more varied menu and service options.

Midi mobile businesses have ample storage spaces, making them great picks for burger bars, kebab shops, mobile cafés, or merchandise stores. Available in various designs and striking colours, Affordable Food Trailers has the ideal midi mobile trailer to make your business dream come true.

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We’re ready to help you launch your business. We’ll help you select the perfect trailer, whether it’s one of our fully equipped food caravans, or a made-to-order custom job. We can even help you finance your food trailer business with Stadium Finance.